Epping Forest & Commons Committee Update

by Jan 25, 2022Advocacy

Epping Forest and Commons Committee Update – January 2022

The Epping Forest and Commons Committee is the City of London Corporation’s committee responsible for oversight of the management of Epping Forest. It meets every two months to make decisions about the Forest. All of the papers can be found here.

At its January meeting amongst other things it discussed their plans for 2022/23, agreed on a plan for a new natural play area in Wanstead Park, and a new partnership with the neighbouring boroughs to mitigate the impacts of an expected increase in visitors to the Forest as a result of the 68,000 new housing units planned within 6.2 kilometres of the Forest over the next 15 years.

We are not members of the Committee but feed in our views to Committee members when necessary, and are also a member of the Epping Forest Consultative Committee through which the Corporation consults on some of its future plans.

If you are interested in helping our work on conservation policy in relation to Epping Forest please drop us an email at policy@efht.org.uk