Together, we can achieve more to protect Epping Forest

Are you a business or organisation that loves Epping Forest? You can play your part in making a real impact on helping preserve and protect Epping Forest and its irreplaceable biodiversity, culture and heritage now and for generations to come. 

Being the biggest open space in London, Epping Forest stretches across four local boroughs: Newham, Redbridge, Waltham Forest in London and Epping Forest District in Essex. It is home to over 55,000 ancient trees, more than anywhere else in the country. It is designated as an area of national and international nature conservation importance and contains a diverse mosaic of habitats.   

It also has a rich history of interaction between people and nature, where ecology, culture and heritage interweave. From ancient lopping practice to people coming together and fighting to save Epping Forest in Victorian times, the reason Epping Forest is such a precious and irreplaceable place is because of people’s involvement with the Forest throughout centuries.   

Yet the Forest is facing its gravest threats in a generation: pollution, loss of biodiversity, adjacent development and climate change. It urgently needs a similar ‘coming together of people’ to create a thriving Forest, for the benefit of people and for the Forest itself. Businesses have a vital role to play.  

staff from Waltham Forest council joined EFHT to carried out hands-on conservation work in June 2023

Staff from Waltham Forest council joined EFHT to carried out hands-on conservation work in during Volunteer Week in 2023


Why partner with us

We recognise that your business will have its own community objectives that you are keen to pursue. At EFHT we are keen to learn about these and explore our potential areas of mutual synergy. However, in these areas we really think we can help deliver impact together :

1. Making a difference locally:

Together, we can drive positive change: improving the biodiversity of the Forest through hands-on conservation sessions; standing  up for the Forest and advocating on its behalf; and inspiring and educating more people to visit, love and come together to protect this wonderful Forest. But all this is only possible with your support.

2. Connecting communities:

A core part of our work is to inspire and enable more people to visit and love the Forest, especially those who are underrepresented and experiencing social or invisible barriers to access.

This means that becoming a Business Partner of EFHT can help deliver your corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) objectives.

It will give depth to your identity and reputation through demonstrating your commitment to the Forest . You will enjoy the benefits of sharing your commitment to the Forest  with your stakeholders

3. Demonstrating your commitment to the Forest

Epping Forest is not just a patch of greenery; it’s a living tapestry of history, ecology, and community.  By partnering with us, you are investing in the sustainability of the Forest’s precious ecosystem, supporting community cohesion, and the commitment to creating a thriving Forest, rich in biodiversity, heritage, and culture; enjoyed and conserved by all, now and for generations to come!


Here are a few ways that you can partner with us:

young beech leaves

Become a Business Partner

No matter how big or small your business or organisation is, an EFHT Business Partner will make a real difference. Discover how. 

guided walk in Epping Forest

Tailor-made Partnership

We can work with you to develop a tailor-made partnership that will achieve your business objectives and make a real contribution to protecting and preserving Epping Forest.

EFHT hands-on conservation sessions

Corporate Volunteering Day

A fun, outdoor, team volunteering opportunity help conserving and improve biodiversity of this fantastic ancient Forest.

What our partners say about working with us

Being a company that loves the outdoors, we reached out to the EFHT team for one of our company wellbeing days to arrange a walk in Epping Forest for our staff members. It was excellent to be guided around such beautiful forestry by people who have a very clear passion for its history and preservation, and we enjoyed learning more about the interesting topography and plantlife of the area. Thank you so much to Judy, Neal, Amy and the wider team for working with us!

Tanglwst Melville

People Assistant, VIVOBAREFOOT

With exam period fast approaching, we found this walk, relaxing and enjoyable. Our students enjoyed getting out into the wilderness and learning something new. We will definitely be arranging more actives with the Epping Forest Heritage Trust, the guides were also very friendly.

Fabio Valencia

Residential Life Officer, London School of Economics and Political Science

It was fantastic volunteering with the Epping Forest Heritage Trust. Not only was it a great chance to spend some time in nature, but the team at EFHT were extremely friendly and informative throughout the day. We had a good briefing which made us comfortable in carrying out all the activities, and the volunteer leader taught us a lot about trees and the nature in Epping Forest. The volunteering day out ws also a great bonding experience for our team and we would love to do it again soon!

Harshil Shah

Senoir Communications & Campaigns Officer, Waltham Forest Council