Pass on something wonderful by leaving a gift in your Will, so that the Forest you love and its irreplaceable biodiversity and heritage, can still be enjoyed for generations to come. 

Over the past 50 years these kind gifts have played a vital role in standing up for the Forest, advocating on its behalf, undertaking practical habitat management work, and educating and inspiring others to do the same.

We all have different, treasured memories of the Forest, which is why we are asking if, after looking after your loved ones, you would consider leaving even a small gift in your will. A gift made in your will today could help ensure Epping Forest is cherished and enjoyed for generations to come.

ancient trees in Epping Forest

How to remember us in your will

If you are thinking of leaving a gift to the Epping Forest Heritage Trust in your Will, THANK YOU.

Remembering us in your will is very simple. All the information you need to communicate with your solicitor or will writer is:

  • Our Charity Name: Epping Forest Heritage Trust
  • Our Charity Number: 275076

If you are considering leaving a gift to us in your Will, and you are happy to let us know, please email us at: We would be very grateful to be able to thank you for your generous gesture. However, please be assured that letting us know that you are considering, or have included, the Epping Forest Heritage Trust in your will is not legally binding in any way.


Our promise to you

  • Everything you share with us will be dealt with with respect and compassion and most importantly privacy.
  • Size does not matter. We are truly grateful for all gifts in wills. Large or small, each gift will make a difference.
  • Your gift will help us to continue to protect, conserve, grow and celebrate Epping Forest’s biodiversity, heritage and culture, and engage, educate and inspire other people to do the same.
  • You can change your Will at any time.
Remember a Charity Week 2022

Remember a Charity Week 2023

This year we will be participating in Remember A Charity Week, from 11th to 17th September, which brings together over 200 charities to celebrate the impact
that people can have through leaving a gift in their will to charity.