Enjoy Epping Forest Responsibly

When visiting Epping forest please always follow the Country Code and abide by the Epping Forest Byelaws

Respect other visitors – use the Forest considerately. Cyclists should give way to pedestrians and horse riders.

Visiting with a dog – Always clean up after your dog and ensure it is under effective control or on a lead.  

Leave no trace of your visit – dispose of your litter in the bins provided or even better, take it home. 

Protect the Forest – fires and barbecues are not permitted. Always leave Forest gates open or closed as you find them and follow instructions on signs. 

Enjoy Epping Forest responsibly

Cycling in Epping Forest – Code of Conduct

There are some guidelines you should follow when cycling in the Forest. You should:

  • use the shared-use trails considerately to ensure the safety of otherslet people know you are there with a greeting or bell
  • give priority to pedestrians and horse-riders
  • approach corners and descents with caution as dogs, wildlife and cattle may cross your path unexpectedly
  • do not race bicyclesthis includes digital KOM/QOM ‘chasing’
  • do not build or dig jumps or berms or cut trees
  • leave no trace of your visituse the existing routes and avoid skidding to prevent erosion
  • take your litter home
  • leave gates as you find them to prevent cattle straying
  • respect the ‘no cycling’ restrictions that exist to protect ancient monuments and delicate habitats
  • comply with the Epping Forest byelaws and Countryside Code

Places you can’t ride

  • the Iron Age earthworks at Loughton Camp and Ambresbury Banks; both of which are Scheduled Ancient Monuments and of national importance
  • Loughton Brook; which is protected as a Local Geological Site 
    our easy access paths at High Beach, Connaught Water, Knighton Wood and Jubilee Pond
  • and the buffer lands
    • you can cycle in the buffer lands but only on bridleways or byways which can be used in line with the Countryside Code(external link); free-range cycling is not permitted

For more information about Cycling in Epping Forest, please visit City of London’s website

Dog Walking Code of Conduct

Epping Forest has a Code of Conduct for dog walkers. When walking your dog in Epping Forest:

  • your dog must be under effective control
  • if your dog does not respond to recall you must keep it on a lead
  • respect any seasonal site signage to keep your dog on the lead in certain areas, to protect rare species
  • clean up after your dog and take the waste home
  • do not allow your dog to disturb other visitors
  • dogs must not disturb or chase any wildlife, cattle, deer or horses
  • make yourself aware of potential hazards to your dog such as ticks and harmful algae
  • Dog Control Orders prohibit walking multiple dogs, this changes depending on where in the Forest you are; this is 6 dogs in Redbridge and Waltham Forest or 4 dogs in Newham

You will also find two Iron-Age earthworks, the Queen Elizabeth Hunting Lodge (1543), the Greenwich Meridian line, teeming animal, insect and bird-life; ancient woodland, grassland, heaths, bogs and marshes – and hills with views to central London! It’s a very special place.

For more information, please visit City of London’s website.