Epping Forest is for Everyone to Love

In May 2023, one-third of the Council seats in Epping Forest District Council will be up for election. We are running a campaign to raise awareness of the Forest and plan to ask candidates and councillors to pledge that they will show their love for the Forest in their decision-making.

We will build on our successful ‘Epping Forest is for everyone to love’ theme from last year’s local election campaign to build common ground with candidates and celebrate the Forest that we all love. ​

a young child in summer clothing walking in a ancient forest

What we are asking councillors and candidates to pledge their love for Epping Forest in their decision-making

Epping Forest District Council is the beating heart of the wonderful ancient Epping Forest. While the Forest land is owned and managed by the City of London Corporation,  it is also decisions made by this council that affect the daily life of the Forest. From ensuring people can access the Forest easily to halting excessive adjacent development, it is within Epping Forest District Council that daily decisions are made to protect and nurture the Forest for generations to come, or to condemn it to greater levels of pollution and damage.

Epping Forest District Council has a vital part in ensuring that Epping Forest remains a place for everyone to love. In particular, the council has:

    • important planning powers that can protect the Forest against inappropriate development
    • a statutory role to tackle pollution and climate change
    • a vital role in promoting the health and well-being of residents.

That is why we are asking candidates in the local election to make specific commitments in relation to protecting the Forest for all of us now, and for the enjoyment of generations to come.

ancient beech pollards and their tall branches reaching towards the sky in a green shaded ancient forest

How you can help

1. Share your stories

Tell us why you love Epping Forest, send us stories, pictures, and videos, to LoveEppingForest@efht.org.uk, or tag us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter using #LoveEppingForest

Together, let’s collect as many stories as possible about why we all love Epping Forest. We will share this with local election candidates so that they can see how vital the Forest and its continued care and protection are to their residents. You can view some of the stories here.

2. Show your love

Put #LoveEppingForest posters in your windows. Spread the word about #LoveEppingForest campaign. Talk to your friends, families, and communities. Let’s spread the love of the Forest, so that candidates can see how vital the Forest and its continued protection is for their residents.

3. Volunteer with us

Are you a resident of EFDC? We are looking for volunteers to help raise awareness and amplify the voice of the Forest during the election campaign. If you are keen to help with research related to the campaign, spread the word about the campaign, help with stalls, speaking to councillors or distribute campaign materials, please click here to register.

4. Ask your local candidates to sign up to #LoveEppingForest promises

Download a print-ready manifesto here, and ask your local candidates to sign up to these promises to love Epping Forest in their decision-making.


Love Epping Forest manifesto - EFDC 2023

Download our manifesto

Download #LoveEppingForest manifesto and ask your local councillors to sign up and make specific commitments to protect the Forest.

Download love epping forest posters

Print-ready posters

Download #LoveEppingForest posters to put in your windows and show your love for the Forest!

EFHT-epping forest is for everyone to love local election campaign May 2022

#LoveEppingForest: election campaign 2022

View our #LoveEppingForest awareness campaigns during local elections in May 2022

councillors and candidates have pledged their love for Epping Forest in their decision-making


All these councillors and candidates have pledged their love for Epping Forest in their decision-making.

Love Epping Forest stories

#LoveEppingForest stories

Fresh air, wildlife, history, family time, health, mental wellbeing…see the stories we have collected about why we love Epping Forest.