A More Natural Capital

by Apr 11, 2022Advocacy

As the London local election is just one month away, we are proud to be part of ‘A More NaturalCapital’ coalition of environmental groups to call on voters to press all candidates to commit, if elected, to taking action to improve and protect London’s natural environment for people and wildlife.

In A More Natural Capital – an agenda for the London local elections launched on Wednesday 6 April, the groups have come together to present a shared vision for London that places the environment at the heart of policy and decision-making. 

The agenda identifies 28 actions the More Natural Capital coalition wants to see borough councils take under four themes:

  • reducing pollution and waste
  • securing nature’s recovery
  • mitigating and increasing resilience to climate change, and
  • improving health and wellbeing for all

Peter Lewis, Chief Executive of Epping Forest Heritage Trust says:

‘A More Natural Capital is better for Londoners, better for London’s plants and wildlife, and better for the planet. Like many of our green spaces Epping Forest is much loved but is facing the largest challenges it has faced in a generation. Councillors can make a huge difference to the lives of Londoners, as well as to our precious flora and fauna, by putting their commitment to a More Natural Capital at the heart of their decision-making, and creating a greener, healthier city for Londoners now, and for generations to come.’

Organisations in the coalition include: CPRE London, WWT, London Wildlife Trust, Open Space Society, London Friends of Green Spaces Network, Thames 21, Ramblers, London Gardens Trust, Footways London, Parks for London, London Food Link Sustain, The Orchard Project, London National Park City, Living Streets Group London, Epping Forest Heritage Trust, Woodland Trust, TCV The Conservation Volunteers

For more information, please visit: Vote for ‘A More Natural Capital’ on 5 May urges coalition – CPRE London